Where ever you choose to receive care and give birth, I am here to support you.

Autonomous Birth Support Sessions

In Person + Long Distance

The freedom to choose our care providers and where we birth is a natural liberty. Just like any other choice we make over our bodies and our wombs, whom we choose (or do not choose) to receive care from and where we choose to give birth is an intimate, personal choice. I offer valuable support for women who would like to maximize autonomy in their pregnancy + child birth experiences, wherever they choose to receive care and give birth. I trust you and your ability to choose and navigate what this intimate experience looks like for you. These sessions are born of the belief that you are wise and that you deserve an experience which honors that. Sessions are all unique, yet there is space dedicated to emotional processing in each. My prayer is that with the empowerment, processing, and informational support received within these sessions, that you will optimize your pregnancy + childbirth experience to its fullest. Sessions are 2 hours long plus informal support throughout your pregnancy journey. $150-200 sliding scale.

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Sovereign Birth Sessions

Have you always known that you wanted to give birth, either alone or with solely your loved one(s) present, and desire to talk to about the details with someone that has personal experience? Do your ears perk up at the sound of an "unassisted" or "free" birth, and you want to learn more on what it's all about? This session may be just what you're seeking. Each session is radically dynamic and sure to meet the unique needs of each individual. Topics discussed may include options for prenatal care, birth + postpartum support, simple skills you can learn to do at home, options for navigating variations of normal, legalities, support networks and more. Together, we can process any limiting beliefs or fears that you face about taking complete responsibility for your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I offer companioning with educational + emotional support to optimize your own intuitive journey through authentically birthing freely at home.

Out of Hospital Birth: Facts, Myths + Womanly Wisdom

This powerfully informative + intuitive session is designed for those who feel drawn to out ohospital birth but have some doubts to express or questions to be answered before committing. We'll focus on identifying your true desires and intuition for your pregnancy + birth and process through any limiting beliefs you may have about your ability to achieve it. We will go over the safety and common misconceptions of out of hospital birth, options for care, comfort measures, and more. This session is well suited for couples and individuals alike. If you or your partner need more facts to feel comfortable birthing out of the hospital setting, this session is definitely for you.

Goddess Totems Caroline Maniere Abortion
Goddess Totems Caroline Maniere Abortion

Home, Birth Center or Hospital?

If you are coming into natural birthing as a first time parent or a new doula, there is much to learn about what birth looks like in the different realms: hospital, birth center, and home. As an expecting mama, having access to clear information will support you to make a fully informed choice on where you decide to receive prenatal care and where you give birth. In our session, we will intimately discuss the standards of care in these three different environments, the potential pros and cons, and statistical outcomes associated with each option. You will come away with a general overview of what you can expect from each option of care and feel informed to make a clear, empowered choice regarding your pregnancy and birth.

Hospital Birth 

This session is for folks planning to have a natural birth in a hospital setting. Our discussion will expand your understanding of the standard procedures used in hospitals and empower you to navigate them from an informed position. We’ll talk about informed consent, how to avoid unwanted interventions, your legal rights, building your support team, and more. You have every right to feel respected and empowered during your birthing experience. This information will support you in achieving that.

Goddess Totems Caroline Maniere Abortion
Goddess Totems Caroline Maniere Abortion

Birth Center

If you're seeking an intimate understanding of the standards of care within a typical birth center practice, this session is for you. I will share my first hand experience apprenticing at a birthing center to inform your understanding of birth in this realm of maternal care. We will discuss the specifics of this model of care, informed consents, legal perimeters the birth center's in your area are subject to that dictate their care, and more. You will come away with clarity about this birthing option and the wisdom to maximize autonomy in your experience here. 

Ready to Embrace Autonomy in Your Pregnancy + Childbirth Experience?

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