Holistic Abortion Support

Local + Long Distance


The decision to release a pregnancy is complex and deeply emotional for those who chose to do so. Any person making this intimate choice deserves to be treated with compassion and respect. They deserve to have loving and deeply nourishing support throughout their experience and to have access to all the information they need to make a choice that is reflective of their own personal and spiritual needs. 

About This Service

Ancient medical documents inform us that folks have been safely ending pregnancies at home with skilled practitioners for centuries. It is arguable that since humans have been conceiving, they have had the knowledge to manage their fertility or end their pregnancies. It is known today that 1 in 3 folks make the choice to end a pregnancy in their life-time. Limited resources and current legal, medical & social constructs surrounding abortion too often result in experiences that are isolating, physically and/or emotionally traumatizing or experiences that simply don't honor the person's spiritual or religious needs. The abortion support I provide aims to fill the gap in women's wellness care by offering an alternative experience, one in which the individual is fully informed of their options and the holistic needs of each person is considered and tended to. 

Abortion Support Services Include

 Counseling of options for ending the pregnancy, including in clinic as well as home-based options. 

○ Emotional & informative support in the days before abortion, including tending to common physical discomforts, emotional processing, and more.

○ Nutritional & herbal support before and after the abortion that is focused on promoting health and vitality of the body, mind & spirit. This includes providing or recommending herbs and foods that will nourish the system, re-build blood supply, and support the body's return to stasis.

○ Spiritual & emotional counseling for integration, including discussion and creation of ritual and ceremony post-abortion.

○ Discussion of current and future fertility options, if desired, and providing resources where applicable. 

○ Identifying local & online resources for building a support network. 

○ Co-creating a self-care plan for integrating back into day-to-day life that is simple and practical

*These services can be provided in person OR over distance

Intake + Visits Summary

Intake Meeting: 1.5 to 2 hour long meeting to ensure plenty of time for exploration of options, assessing gestation of pregnancy, addressing physical well-being & any discomforts, answering any questions and offering emotional support & unconditional loving attention for anything that comes up. 

Pre-abortion care: 2-3 meetings, determined by timing of abortion and the needs of the client. These meetings are focused on providing herbal support for nourishing the body, offering information for alleviation of any physical discomforts as well as offering compassionate space for processing the emotionally complex experience the individual is having. 


Post-abortion care: It is my belief that focused, attentive comprehensive care is what most individuals benefit from post-abortion. In a clinical setting, individuals could expect to have one, maybe two visits with their care provider over the course of the entire process. Typical clinical care is absent of physical assessment post-abortion, personal follow up, individualized nourishment, a safe supportive place to dialogue, and more. While I recognize there is a place for the services provided by clinicians in these settings, the model of care I choose to implement post-abortion is much like the postpartum schedule used by midwives for their clients post-birth. I choose to be available to meet with clients at least 5 times post-abortion over the course of the 6 weeks following an abortion. These meetings are a space for me to listen to what is weighing on the hearts of my clients, offer ideas for rituals and ceremony, provide herbal & nutritive support for re-nourishment, answer questions, offer resources, assess physical well-being and more. 


All of these meetings can be adjusted in any way to meet the specific needs of the individual. Limited full and partial scholarships and payment plans are available for those who inquire. Access to these services is a fundamental value to me. Limitations in resources should not deter folks from receiving the care they are entitled to. 



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