Postpartum Offerings


"As you take your first faltering, tender steps as mother and child, you are equally raw, equally vulnerable. In the first forty days after delivery, it can seem as if all the world wants to come and hold your baby. But to fully inhabit your new role as mother - with its astonishing requirements for giving energy, attention, and love - it is you who must be held. Sink into stillness and receive."

                                                The First Forty Days

The Postpartum is such a special, tender part of the pregnancy journey and


I'd be honored to walk along the path with you

I offer local and distance services to support woman + families during this sacred window. Why? Because we weren't designed to go through this phase, as some refer to as the 4th trimester, alone. In fact we weren't designed to go though it with just one or two wonderful support people. It's time to consider what new mother's truly need post-birth in order to fully heal and integrate the massive experience that's just occurred and to gain level footing with the undertaking that mothering this child demands them to. And I'll tell you that honestly..

This isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

85% of the healing and recovery that occurs after birth happens those first six weeks. Nourishing the postpartum body and tending to the complex processes for the first forty days is thought to be an investment in a mother's vitality for the next forty years to come. Ultimately,


This is a mother's life-long mental, emotional and Spiritual wellness we're to consider.

I invite expecting families to learn more, to consider that they might need more assistance than thought previously, so they may set themselves up to thrive.

Postpartum Packages


Across many longstanding traditions, food and drinks given to the mother post-birth have common qualities of being warming, easy to digest, and rich in minerals and collagen


This bill of fare is specifically served to support optimal healing, restore balance and vitality, and encourage lactation.

I provide a local food delivery service that offers just that.

Meals can be utilized by anyone who would benefit from nutritionally dense cuisine - during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.


This service makes an irreplaceable gift to the newly postpartum family, consider adding it to your registry or investing for a loved one. For package details and menu options, click the link below.

Nourishment Package Details

Homemade meals + beverages that support healing, milk production and the bio-physical transition into Motherhood


Delivered fresh to your front door or recovery suite


All organic or non-gmo verified ingredients

Three, five and seven day meal plans start at $150


Nurturing support for the new mother is far too foreign of a concept in modern culture. Supporting the new mother is a necessity, not the luxury it is often colored to be.


Many of us have been indoctrinated to believe that shear will-power and self-sufficiency will get us through the early days post birth.


I'm hear to tell you that you aren't alone in thinking that and to share the biggest secrete of the trade: the key to optimal healing, physical + emotional wellness, and even bliss postpartum, is to have the right support during the first few weeks post birth. 

The postpartum experience is a time of natural uncertainty and vulnerability. Its a time when physically, a new mother's bio-chemistry is transforming, and their body is healing + expanding in an entirely new way. Externally, parent(s) are learning about how to meet the needs of their baby and integrate this new person into their lives. Add on any part of the birth + postpartum experience that didn't go "as planned" and it's an ocean of life experience you've got to digest. We are capable of traversing this ocean, and having the right support makes it possible to thrive along the way.

Nurturing Packages Include

Traditionally-Inspired Healing Modalities

Belly binding, herbal baths, yoni steams, warm-oil rubs

Recipes + Recommendations

That support the bio-physical transition into Motherhood

One-on-one Heart Tending

Engaged, compassionate + trauma-informed listening

Personalized Care

Geared towards impacting the holistic wellness of families for a life-time

Tribe Building

Connecting with local resources + groups to support the ever-blossoming


Postpartum Planning sessions focus on identifying practical needs in order to set mamas and families up for success and optimal healing after birth. We will have reflective dialogues and create a plan that will build a foundation from which your needs will be attended to postpartum. You will have realistic expectations and systems in place to support your transition into Motherhood.

Building and implementing this plan is the first step towards a strong start for any family. 

Planning Sessions Include

20 minute complementary intro call to clarify if this service is right for you

Identifying the 5 universal postpartum needs and co-creating a Postpartum Plan to support them

3 60 minute sessions online or in person

Weekly emails with prompts to journal on, "homework assignments", resource shares and more

It it my humble honor to serve new mothers in this way..

And the truth is that we ALL deserve this type of support.



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