We Are Body Wise

Photo by Ralph Giunta

We know what we need.

For our bodies, for our beings.

It's spoken in our cells.

I'm a firm believer that we are complexly intelligent creatures.

I believe that we know exactly what we need in every moment.

I believe this to be true for emotional needs, physical needs, and Spiritual needs.

I believe this knowing is exponentially ripe for those in the childbearing continuum.

The reasons for such belief is very much practical and factual, yet at the same time profoundly divine.

This is the essence of Body Wise.

On a cellular level we know what our bodies need, in every moment.

Every part of our being is constantly processing, constantly stabilizing, constantly balancing and constantly desiring to be fiercely alive.

Cells know when they need to intake water.

Hearts beat without consideration.

The body of a mother who just gave birth to a premature baby knows to make super fatty milk, with even more potent immunities, than the mother who just gave birth to a full term baby. Every time a baby is born, the mother's body will make milk that is specifically aligned with that baby's need at that time. AND we're so deliciously dynamic that the milk will change as the needs of the babe changes.

We know this stuff, it's written in our cells. It's complete magic and absolutely scientific at the same time.

My favorite birth stories are the unassisted birth, or free birth, stories, where during the labor or birth some variation of normal occurs and the mother senses it and resolves it without mental consideration. There was one specific story I heard throughout my studies where a birthing mama was pushing her baby out and some moments after the baby's head was born, the mother suddenly stands up on the bed, turns around and lifts one leg up on to the headboard, which caused the baby to be spontaneously born.

What happened here?

If this woman had a midwife or physician, they may have considered what she experienced a shoulder dystocia. In the moments after the head was born, it may have seemed to the attendants that the baby was "stuck." They may have asked her, either calmly or with great urgency, to change positions or, what would be more common practice, they may have used invasive measures to remove the baby from the mother. The mother in this story bypassed all of that. She knew exactly what she needed to do to resolve what was occurring.

This isn't a conscious knowing we're talking about, it's an innate knowing.

As a budding midwifery student, I loved that this mother wasn't subjected to any interventions, emotional or physical, in the tender moments of birthing her child.

I appreciated the trust she held in herself and in her body, and her wisdom to listen.

Stories like this inspire and encourage me to remember that all women know exactly what their bodies and their babies need to gestate, birth, heal and bond safely and instinctively. They are the ones who know what is best for them and their family.

Personally... I love trusting that women know what they need to birth their babies.

As a Birthkeeper, it removes the pressure that I need to know everything and eliminates any false ideal of responsibility.

I am a space holder, a guide. I encourage listening to the wisdom of the heart, the mind, the body, and beyond. I provide information at times of specific inquiry. I am not the one who knows what is best for anyone. I am simply here to companion someone into their own internal wilderness, so they may embrace whatever truth they already carry deep within themselves.

When I've supported folks through their independent birth experiences, we talk about how I do not claim to know everything. I'm not a Certified midwife, I'm a midwifery school drop out. What I do carry is the same wisdom they carry, the ability to respond fully and presently to whatever is occurring in the moment. That's what Body Wise is about, listening and trusting, ourselves as well as each other.

Beyond that, Body Wise is about autonomy, liberation, and our right to have access to adequate support when we feel inspired to make decisions that our current legal and social structures may not be ready for us to make.

I'm here to tell you what you already know...

You Are Body Wise

And you have the right to make informed, empowered decisions for yourself and your family.

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Together, we can build community, stay empowered, learn and evolve autonomy for current and future generations alike.

Love And Womb Blessings!

Dani Photo credits: Ralph Giunta


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