Sovereign Homebirth Support

With Birth Keeper Dani Stormes 

Sovereign /ˈsäv(ə)rən/ :  Acting or done

independently and without outside interference; 

Possessing supreme or ultimate power.

Sovereign Birth Preparation is defied by whatever we choose to create together. We can unpack the routine care provided by the mainstream medical community and discover what's valuable to you in your own preparation for birth. We can share a cup of tea and enjoy conversation about what's on your heart, how you're feeling, or what you sense you and baby/babies need. In addition to your intuitive senses, we can explore ways you can physically monitor you and your baby's wellness if that's of value to you. This could include talking about common facets of mainstream care such as vital signs, womb growth, nutrition and more. We can go for a hike and process your past birthing experiences or swim in a river and talk about your deepest fears. Your support will be fluid, specific to your ever evolving being, and always in deep reverence of your knowing.



Sovereign Birth Support means I'll be there for you during birth however and wherever you want me to be. I can be in the other room, by your side, or on the other side of the phone. I can be cooking a meal in the kitchen, squeezing your hips with each surge, gazing deeply into your soul, or grabbing a bowl for you to purge into. I can be holding a meditative space with you on the other side of the room, grounded on the Earth plane so you may journey off into the depths of the Universe. I can share with you my personal experience, and opinions if asked but only your inner knowing + Spirit can guide your intuitive process. I serve as a humble witness and companion who holds some experience sitting at the feet of birthing women. I would be blessed to hold space with you, as you freely and powerfully birth your baby without interference.



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